New Review: Night Walker (Undeadly Secrets Book One) By Aaron L. Speer

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New Review: Night Walker (Undeadly Secrets Book One)   By Aaron L. SpeerNight Walker (Undeadly Secrets, #1) by Aaron L. Speer, Jessica Augustsson
on December 22nd 2015
Genres: Contemporary, Contemporary Women, Dark Fantasy, Dark Romance, Fairy Tales, Folk Tales, Legends & Mythology, Horror, Love & Romance, Mythology & Folktales, New Adult, Paranormal Romance, Suspense, Thrillers
Pages: 268
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A young woman named Alexandra "Alex" Hensley discovers Sydney is hiding a very dark secret, a revelation that will challenge all she knows and endanger all she loves. Sinister forces, charged with keeping the secret for over two hundred years discover her knowledge and set out to fulfill their duty.The truth will not set you free.


I’m normally not big on paranormal reads.  I used to read them constantly and I think that I overdosed on them.  Luckily for me, I dipped back into the para-ocean with Night Walker, a stylish re-telling of the nosferatu storyline with a good set of characters.  Spinning out Australian, Eastern European and Celtic mythology, Speer  has offered up a new twist on an old favorite.

Aaron’s lead, Alexandra, is a young woman who has had tragedy in her life. Loosing both of her parents, one to cancer one to dementia, she lives with her best friend and is dating Matt.  Alex is the type of person that we know.  Straightforward, seems to have it together, loves her friends.  Enter Dante, owner of club T and current obsession of Alex’s BFF Lauren.  Dante is friendly and charming, though enigmatic. He is a man with a secret.

Speer’s story moves along well with clues and information as to what is truly lurking the streets of Sydney given as the tale progresses.  Speer keeps the tension taut and keeps the action versus interaction well balanced.  There is little downtime as the characters move closer and closer to a climactic showdown ending.   While I wouldn’t necessarily call this a cliffhanger, there are issues left unresolved.  Issues that I look forward to revisiting in the next of the series.



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Overall: four-stars

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