New Review and Top Favorite read : Remember by Dylan Allen

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New Review and Top Favorite read : Remember by Dylan AllenRemember by Dylan Allen
on June 1st 2017
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Milly’s life was safe. Her plans, certain.
She doesn’t take risks because she knows what it’s like to lose everything.
But, when it all falls apart, she decides to throw caution to the wind.
Her journey to reclaim her future leads her straight into the grown up arms of the boy she left behind.
In them, she finds passion long denied and love she thought was lost.
But is the promise of a second chance worth the risk of losing herself again?
When he discovers that the girl he has loved his whole life moved on without him, Dean needs answers.
He didn’t expect to still want her.
He didn’t expect her to want him, too.
And suddenly, he finds himself in a battle for the heart of the woman he’s never stopped loving.
As they look to the past for answers, can they hold onto the future they were meant to have?
Or will what they remember make them wish they could forget?

Words fail to express how much I loved this book . It was everything I ever hoped for as a reader . It had everything I look for in a book down to every single detail .

Remember is this intricate tale about family, self confidence , second chances and REAL love . The one everyone of us chases .The real deal . The tingles the butterflies the epicness . True Love .

Milly and Dean were high school sweetheart who were separated after their families went through an epic drama . They were ripped apart from each other’s lives in a heartbreaking way only to come together in a breathtaking one . They honestly stole my heart . The connection between them Run SO DEEP I could feel it down to my bones .

I thought that the way Dean loved Milly , fought for her made her his absolute first priority was so beautiful to witness it made me cry and I NEVER cry . He clung to her as she was his lifeline . His sense of existence . Flaws, past kid and all .

I loved how Milly grew up from the needy insecure woman into a strong and driven she came to be through the book . She was such an inspiration and a TRUE lady .

Honestly I thought that their love was inspiring and thought provoking . It stemmed from something powerful and innate and so breathtakingly beautiful I am having chills just thinking about it

But  my absolute favorite thing at all was the writing . Man , Dylan upped her game something fierce . Her writing became so much more powerful than Rise . SO raw, yet so simple , gritty yet beautiful . She had me on this one . My faith in her talent knows no bound .

Dylan allen is going places everybode . Mark my words .


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