New Review: A Girl Like Me by Ginger Scott

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New Review: A Girl Like Me by Ginger ScottA Girl Like Me (Like Us, #2) by Ginger Scott
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I’m not supposed to be here.
Death has come for me more than once, and each time it’s been a boy who’s stood between me and my final breath.
I called him Christopher when he saved me as a child. When he came into my life again, only months ago, I knew him as Wes. Just as he did the time before, he disappeared the moment he made sure I was out of harm’s way; as if I didn’t need any more saving.
This time, though, death left me with a reminder of how powerful it is. I know it meant to strip me of my spirit again, but it failed.
Even so, I know I need Wes to survive. Our souls are woven together somehow, our every breath in sync. I feel it, even though everyone says I shouldn’t.
The world thinks he’s missing. His loved ones don’t want to believe he’s dead. Only I know just how special he is.
I’m going to find him and bring him home, where he belongs. Together, we’ll face impossible—we’ll rewrite our ending.
And when the bad guys come calling, we will always win.


This was my first book by Ginger Scott although I had been wanting to try her books for a while. I was given the opportunity to read A Girl Like Me so I jumped at the chance this was book #2 so I hurried to grab book #1. Like most of the books I read I like to go in blind not knowing anything about them.

Boy were these books different I got the surprise of a lifetime when it came too this duet. I love the way Ms. Scott told of these two unique characters, Wes and Josselyn. I can’t even describe that crazy feeling you get when you just know Wes has to be that “hero” Joss has been needing all her life. But a “superhero” come on..This book makes you believe there could be that chance. That one person out there that is your “hero” that was put here to protect you, love you and cherish you. Did Wes come into her life at just the right moment to make sure she would make it, fight harder or realize she was worthy maybe so.

Josselyn gets a lot of answers in book 2 about her life and family, especially her mom. Surprisingly, some of the answers she gets leads her to discover the truth about Wes. Josselyn has to come to terms with some of the craziness that was her childhood and the connection that Wes has had with her since she was a young girl. The only problem she seems to have is making her own destiny come true! If you have never read a Ginger Scott book this series is a great place to start. The Like Us Duet is a great story of a boy and girl who are destined to be each other’s true love and hero.


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