New Review: One Fear by Belle Brooks

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New Review:  One Fear  by Belle BrooksOne Fear (The Game of Life Series Book 1) by Belle Brooks, Karen Harper, Lauren Mckeller
on July 10, 2017
Genres: Contemporary, Family & Relationships, Horror, Psychological, Thrillers
Source: Author, Enticing Journeys
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“My one fear is now my reality.”
He didn’t offer his name when he fulfilled his need to include me as a player in his game. I’m number thirteen. Just a number given to the bitches who wronged him. I was blindsided. Stolen from my life. In his devilled eyes, I have a debt to pay…he wants my final breath to see us even.
“I know who you are Morgan Banks, the question is, who am I? Five games will set you free when you can tell me who I’d be.”- The Wolf.
Am I strong enough to take on the Wolf?

When I read Belle Brook’s first book, Thirty Days, I knew that a new and interesting author was coming on to the scene.  This opinion didn’t change through her following to novels Thirty Day #2 and Finding the Magician.  In those Brooks, wrote psychological romance with magic and mysticism. Then came the ugly cry book, Always You. With that she dragged readers in with heartfelt realism that even the toughest of cookies couldn’t help but shed a tear over.  Now with  One Fear, Belle has decided to try her hand at a thriller/horror tome and with  this first installment, it’s looking like she is going to nail it.

One Fear hits the ground running with an opening scene where the leading lady, Morgan, has been kidnapped by a psychopath and is about to start a run for her life.  Brooks easily takes you by the throat and slams you into a web of heart pounding terror then steps back to show you how it came about.  This is a novella (or opening installment) of a series and while Belle sets the stage for what is surely a twisting and horrifying tale, she managed, quite handily, to create an eerie and frightening stage indeed. This will read quickly not only because of length but because it is so well written, so engaging that you will not be able  to look away.

I look forward to the next installment, eagerly.


Rating Report
Overall: five-stars

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