Skirt Chaser by Stacey Kennedy ~~ New Review ~~ (Filthy Dirty Love #2)

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Skirt Chaser (Filthy Dirty Love Book 2) by Stacey Kennedy
on January 1st 1970
Genres: BDSM, Contemporary, Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Women, Erotic Romance, Love & Romance, Romance
Source: Author, Inkslinger
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Love gets filthy in this new erotic romance by USA Today bestselling author, Stacey Kennedy.  
Greyson Crawford works hard by day and plays even harder at night. And he understands and obeys the rules of the game. One, don’t mix business and pleasure. Two, employees are off-limits. So, he’s been eagerly counting down the days until interior designer, Evie Richards is no longer under contract with his Seattle architecture firm. But when that day comes, he realizes there are more obstacles in his way. The biggest…Evie herself.
Until Evie gets asked to be the maid-of-honor in her best friend’s destination wedding, and Evie needs a date. The circumstances are perfect for Greyson to set his plan of seduction into motion. He will happily play the boyfriend for the wedding event, if Evie will surrender to his every command and play in his bed.
For Evie, it’s all fun and games until Greyson’s first touch; then she begins to question what’s real. She knows better than to fall for a guy like Greyson—a skirt chasing ladies’ man—but with every slow caress and kinky adventure, she realizes that Greyson knows what he wants, and it isn’t just her body surrendering to him…it’s her heart.

I have been reading Stacey Kennedy’s stories for as long as I have had an e-reader, starting with her 1Night Stand novella, Takedown.  What I can tell you about all of her stories, Skirt Chaser included, is that you will get a smoking hot read with interesting characters and a great love story.

In Skirt Chaser,  Greyson Crawford is about to get bitten by the same bug that took down his best friend Maddox and he isn’t going to take it any better than Maddox did. (BTW, I read Heartbreaker after Skirt Chaser and will be reviewing that hot as hell read as well)  Grey is written as your usual hard working, hard playing connoisseur of women however, he is also a bit more.  Stacey gave him a conscience, a sense of chivalry, and a curious mind.  The woman on his agenda next is Evie Richards.  Evie was in Grey’s office for a temporary position and now her contract is over, it’s game on. Stacey made Evie  a smart, successful interior designer who is well aware of Grey’s reputation and aware that her time with him is limited.  The more read about Evie the more real she becomes as the cracks in her armor are revealed.

When the couple travel to a destination wedding between Evie’s best friend and Evie’s ex-boyfriend (awkward!) is when the heart of both Grey and Evie comes to light.   A story of letting go and being true to yourself, allowing you and your feelings to come first, that when you sacrifice your feelings for someone else’s happiness you aren’t doing yourself justice and sometimes not them either.

In true Stacey Kennedy style, peppered liberally between the humorous and heartfelt scenes are scorchingly hot and deliciously dirty scenes to keep the pulse racing.  Skirt Chaser is a not miss.

Rating Report
Overall: four-half-stars

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