All of You All of Me by Claudia Burgoa ~~ New Review ~~

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All of You All of Me by Claudia Burgoa   ~~ New Review ~~All of You All of Me by Claudia Y. Burgoa
on August 9th 2017
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One heinous tragedy changed my entire family forever. That morning, my world crumbled. I lost my parents.  Now, I live by certain rules.Don’t let anyone know what goes on inside your head.Stay away from crowds. Never fall in love.  Though, that was until her. She has me questioning everything. 
It’s the haunted eyes. The sultry voice. The sweetness under her armor.Everything about her captivates me. The surge of energy we create with one touch has me searching for her, even when there’s also something dark underneath her bright smile.  Unable to resist the desire toward her, I break my rules giving her all of me while expecting all of her. 

The mark of a great book is when the characters and situations pull you into the story and allow you to feel all that they do.  This is true of All of You All of Me.  Told from dual POVs, this is the story of Willow and Hunter, two people who are dealing with life in the only ways they know how but realize that they will need to change their coping mechanisms if they wish to get the most out of their lives.

Willow is a woman whose parents would abandon her and her sister while they traveled the world, leaving the siblings lost and confused.  This childhood trauma has lead to her suffering from a constant state of flux, bouncing between emotions on a rollercoaster of feelings that she cannot control.  Hunter lost his parents in 9/11 leaving a young boy not only parentless but also with no sense of safety in the world. He is agoraphobic and in constant search of a connection and making them in the wrong ways.

Claudia’s story steeps you in these character’s feelings in such a way that readers will be able to experience and relate to their disconcerted, jumbled mental states.  I’m not a huge fan of angst but as Willow and Hunter fall for each, yet are unable to fully connect,  Ms. Burgoa writing forces the reader to sink into the lives of her leads.   In a deft balancing act, Ms. Burgoa gives readers a breath of air and levity so that you aren’t overwhelmed and yet can remain invested in what happens as Willow and Hunter’s journeys of self realization and healing blooms.

A wonderful read full of very real life people.


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Overall: four-stars

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