Bones Brothers by Lucian Bane (Reginald Bones #4) ~~ New Review ~~

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by Lucian Bane
Genres: Contemporary, Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Women, Dark Romance, Erotic Romance, Family & Relationships, Grief & Loss, Love & Romance, Murder, Psychological, Romance, Romantic Suspense, Sexual Abuse & Harassment, Suspense
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Bones Brothers, the fourth installment of the Reginald Bones series, picks up after Winter and Bones find out that the alter-personality, Reggie, was indeed created after a real person, leaving the pair to ferret out what happened to Reginald and where he is now.   Z, the mysterious voice on the phone, offers to answer their questions, leading Winter and Bones to California where earthquakes are not the only thing that can threaten to shift the ground they stand on.

With this book, Lucian Bane delves deeper into the unstable psychology of the fractured Bones, drawing the reader into the murky, minefield laden labyrinth of an intellect that has been damaged to the point that it’s only protection is to hide from itself.   Bane deftly, layers  nuances and shading to the personalities, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, as they fight for dominance over the body housing them.  The addition of new players in the battle for a sane Bones amplifies the tension and brings twenty more questions with every one answer discovered.  Bane’s tendency to mix the physical with the mental takes a back seat for the majority of story as he, instead, focuses on building new alliances and restoring balance both within the real world and the cerebral one for Bones.

Bones Brothers has one character hitting their limit, one finding their heart, one taking advantage and one revealing a truth that not only shocks but opens a Pandora’s Box of  wicked possibilities that will leave you slack-jawed.  And since it’s the diabolical Bane we are dealing with, this is NOT the end. This merely the precipice that Lucian would like you to dangle from for now.


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