MONSTERS by Melissa Jane ~~ NEW REVIEW ~~

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Monsters by Melissa Jane
on FEBRUARY 09, 2018
Genres: Contemporary, Crime, Family & Relationships, Grief & Loss, Murder, New Adult, Psychological, Standalone, Suspense, Thrillers
Source: Enticing Journeys
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Theirs was a secret they’d kill to protect.
One.Two.Three cracks of thunder. Three reasons to run and hide.
When the lightning illuminated the night, I saw their bloodied faces. They were no longer the boys from next door. As quick as the storm rolled over the neighborhood, a crime of passion was committed, Lucas and Mason Carter dangerously altering the course of all our lives.
Ten years later, on my twenty-sixth birthday, when detectives come digging for information on a cold case, I find myself once again unwillingly tangled in the spider’s web.I hold information on a heinous crime. I have become the number one target. More specific, I have become Mason Carter’s obsession.
While one brother seeks to destroy me, I have to believe the love I share for the other could somehow save us all.When running proves futile, I’m left with a choice. Reveal the deadly truth, or dare to take on the monsters lurking in the dark.

A new to me author and a genre that I am happily returning to, Melissa Jane’s Monsters is a thriller about a woman who finds that leaving her agonizing past behind isn’t a choice that past is willing to let her do.

Starting with the short but gripping prologue, Monsters tells the story of Gemma, a young woman living in New York and working at an art gallery. Gemma’s life is uncomplicated except for her handsy boss and a far cry from her teens spent in Little Valley.  Told via the present and the past, as the story unfolded I found myself liking Gemma more and more.   Written as a strong, independent woman who knows when she can handle things and when she can’t.  I was pleased to see a female character that didn’t blindly rush into danger and put herself at risk because of misplaced loyalty.  Gemma’s tormentor, Mason Carter, goes from being slightly sympathetic to evilly sadistic.  Starting as hostile teen and steadily becoming a dangerous man, Mason is the perfect boogeyman.   Long lost love and Mason’s younger brother, Lucas remains a question mark for most of the story.   Swimming in the cesspool is home has become, Lucas is hindered by his age and his love for Gemma, to make his situation better.

The story is told almost entirely from Gemma’s point of view as Mason turns her life into a landmine filled battleground.  Gemma saw something that she shouldn’t, Mason wants to ensure her silence, the police want her information and Gemma just wants to be left alone.  The pacing, as each chapter brings more and more revelations, kept me turning pages late into the evening as I kept guessing as to what the ultimate truth would be.   A good choice for anyone in  the mood for a thriller.



Rating Report
Overall: four-stars


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