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Book Lover’s Spotlight: 03/21/2016 Stephanie P.

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Stephanie is one of my most engaged blog readers.  She lives in The Philippines and we have bonded over our love of all things Katy Evans.  She is this week’s Book Lover!

Name: Stephanie

Age: 24

Location: Philippines / Carson, CA

Occupation: Financial Analyst / Accountant

1. What is your favorite Book?

Hollywood Dirt by Alessandra Torre – This is the book where I can not only relate but say that I live life like the female protagonist, Summer Jenkins, before she met Cole Masten. It also tells a story how one mistake can hold you back in life. This book is also hilarious, I love how Cole treats his so loved pet – Cocky.
Making Faces by Amy Harmon – I am at a loss for words on how beautiful this story was told. It was very moving and a great message on what real beauty is.
Creed by Kristen Ashley – This is my favorite KA book, the writing in this book is top notch. The characters made me feel deep emotions on how they told their part of their story in this book. I consider this a 6-star book.
This Man trilogy by Jodi Ellen Malpas – Jesse Ward is simply addictive. I love the way he loves Ava. This is the book that the more I read it the more I love it.
Tight by Alessandra Torre – This book is a page turner. The twist and turns are mind blowing but more importantly this tells a story about incredible strength, hope and love.
Driven Series by K Bromberg – I love the way the characters in this book found strength to move on with each other but also knows that healing and moving on takes time. Rylee is perfect for Colton because she is so strong, understanding and very resilient.
Sacrifice by Adriana Locke – As the title states this story is about incredible sacrifices made for the ones we love.
Dusty Innocents/Delinquents by Mary Elizabeth – It started with how innocents the characters are and how life turned them to show the negative side of the generation today are facing. I cannot name another writer who writes the worst of her characters but makes you love them anyway.
True Love Way by Mary Elizabeth – This book has a topic that must be very difficult to tell a story about but Mary Elizabeth slayed it. It is real and raw, it is life, it is love. This story is so unique and captivating. I felt that incredible devotion to someone you truly cared about.

2. Why do you read?

I started reading two years ago. It was when I left my old job and I did not know what to do next in life whether I wanna go back to school to pursue another major or to look for another job as a financial analyst. So reading really helped me to make a decision, I realize that life is too short to do things I’m not happy with.
As for my taste it just really fall on how good the writing of story and it’s always a bonus if there are funny parts.

3.  Why do you love reading  Romance in particular?

I love reading romance novels because I have never felt that kind of love – the all-consuming kind of love. At least I get to experience them in books and it keeps my belief that true love is still possible to find. Reading is also very different than watching a movie. Characters in books can express themselves more, you know exactly how they feel.

4. What is your favorite part of the story: Beginning, Middle or End?

“I always love the beginning parts of the stories. I love how the characters are introduced and how they’re relationship starts and builds. Sincerely, Carter is one of my favorites in this category.

5. Do you have a book boyfriend?

I guess I love Jesse Ward the most.

6. What turns you off in a story? 

I do not like cheating! But then again I gave a chance to J. Sterling’s The Game Changer series because the story was good and Jack deserved the second chance he was given.

7.What is your biggest regret with respect to your love life?

 Loving someone at the wrong time.

8. If you could have dinner with any of the characters you’ve read in the last 6 months who would it be and would you want to slap, hug, or kiss them?

SLAP – Nan from the Fallen too Far series, she’s that mean!
HUG – Summer Jenkins, I wanna tell her I adore her.
KISS – Cole Masten, I think I love him.

Would you rather: Choose from each choice

a.Bad Boy Billionare vs Rockstar Bad Boy – (Kellan Kyle) I love them!!!!! Most of the billionaires I’ve read are portrayed as manwhore.

b. Cliffhanger Series or Standalone: – but if the story is great I wouldn’t mind reading a series.
c. Friends to Lovers or Second Chance at Love – I prefer this that second chance novels because i love seeing the transition of the characters from being friends turned lovers.
d. Paranormal or Fantasy – I just don’t like fantasy. Not my cup of tea. I’ve also read this incredibly long paranormal romance and I enjoyed it (too much)
e. Explicit sex scenes or Minimal description: This one depends. Some authors write explicit sex scenes very very very well and I would love to read them. Some writes minimal and that works too if they cannot really write them dirtier. I just don’t like reading explicit scenes that do not work – they don’t make  you feel anything.
Stephanie, thanks for sharing…I’m going to read a couple the books she mentioned!
Happy Reading Lovers,
Lucy xoxo