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Thank you for considering Words We Love By to review your book.  Please complete the form below if you would like to have your book blub looked at by our reviewers.  Submission does not guarantee a review.  Our reviewers select books based on their personal preferences and time available.  A reviewer will contact you via email to arrange for book transfer, if it has been selected.

The preferred delivery method is e-book direct to Kindle or PDF but we are happy to receive paper copies, as well. You can expect a fair and honest review once the reviewer has finished the book. If the reviewer is unable to finish the book due to circumstance or content you will also be informed.  Star ratings are not guaranteed.  Please look through our reviewer’s various posts to see if you have a preference of reviewers.  If not, reviewers will choose from submitted requests.

All reviews will post to Amazon (if on that platform), Goodreads, our blog site, Facebook page, and Twitter.    However, because you are providing us with a copy, we will only post on the blog with all other social media/platforms with your permission.

All our reviewers have Netgalley accounts, names available upon request.


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