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Friends List by Rob Watson
on January 2nd 2018
Genres: Contemporary, Crime, Murder, Psychological, Thrillers
Source: Enticing Journeys
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My friends are being slaughtered one by one. Decapitated. Burned alive. Chopped to pieces.
The hooded killer has vowed to keep murdering people I care about until they’re all dead, their profile pics on social media replaced with photos of their mutilated bodies. The police can’t catch him. They have no leads.
The horror is making the visions come back—the fire that took my parents, leaving my twin Alex and me alive, but broken.
The hooded killer won’t stop until I’m completely shattered. He’ll eat away at my mind, heart, and soul until there’s nothing left. No one left to love, no one left to trust, and nothing I can be sure is real.
Dr. Cross thinks a trip back to the place my parents died will stop the visions. Alex is afraid it’s a trap.
But I know the hooded killer won’t hurt me. That’s not his game. His game is much deeper. Much darker.

Friends List is a mystery/thriller that revolves around seven friends who one by one are being killed in the order of one  of the people, Lexa, has them on her friends list in a private chat room.   Lexa is the main character and most of the events are through her eyes.

While thrillers aren’t my go-to when choosing a read, I do enjoy a well mapped and laid out one.  Unfortunately, while the premise of Friends List was very interesting and various options as to who was the killer were presented, who did it was fairly predictable.    The characters, while diverse in personality and set up, needed a bit more fleshing out.   There was a fair amount of serial killer gore to be had with each friend going out in a different and sometimes quite graphic way.

The writing was good but slightly choppy in a way I couldn’t quite find a rhythm with.  It wasn’t until I read the author’s bio on Goodreads that I realized what was off for me.  Rob Watson’s resume includes screenwriting which could explain why the story was missing some of fluidity that you need in a book.

Overall this is a decent read with a plot twist ending that is quite interesting and a twist on a common twist.


Rating Report
Overall: three-half-stars

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