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Bulletproof Butterfly by Anna Brooks ~~ NEW REVIEW ~~

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Bulletproof Butterfly by Anna Brooks
on January 1st 1970
Genres: Contemporary, Contemporary Romance, Crime, Dating & Sex, Love & Romance, Romance, Romantic Suspense
Source: Enticing Journeys
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I wasn’t a rookie, but I made a mistake because I was selfish, impulsive, and headstrong.
I was also in love.
My desire for her overwhelmed me. Consumed me. Distracted me.
To protect her, I stood motionless as my partner pried her from the security of my arms. I watched as she fought his hold. I even listened when she screamed that she hated me.
For years I’ve been patient, I’ve been smart, and I’ve gone by the book. But now… it’s finally over.
It’s time to get my girl back.

Livvie and Jay are slowly merging their lives. Completely in love with each other but with opposing schedules and Jay’s traumatized sister living with him make getting together difficult.  Jay, a cop, is hot on the trail of a mob boss who keeps slipping through his fingers.  Livvie is a bar catering manager with aspirations of becoming a wedding planner.  All is going according to plan until a surprise visit tears them apart.

I really enjoyed Bulletproof Butterfly.  Jay is a super alpha male hero character that has a wonderful caring side.  He is the type of book boyfriend you wish would jump off the pages and become real.  Livvie is the girl next door who appears to have everything under control and the perfect counterpoint to Jay.  The two are surrounded by family which while not perfect, are supportive and loving.

The one part of the story follows Jay and Livvie as a simple mistake has them on opposite ends of the world.  How they cope, the emotions that batter them, the trials they face alone.  The second is what it takes for them to reconnect.  Its a great story of how we change depending on what life throws at us and what it takes to truly love someone no matter how we do.   The pacing is really good, considering Ms. Brooks had to traverse a 3 year separation between the lovers.  She really turned the emotional crank up leading her characters through heartbreak, misread situations and not knowing when or if their parting would end.   I especially liked that Ms. Brooks didn’t just HEA upon Jay and Livvie’s reuniting.  Giving them a much fuller, tumultuous reconnecting that rang true to life.

A great read that deserves a one-click.

Rating Report
Overall: four-stars

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