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MY TORIN by K. Webster ~~NEW REVIEW ~~

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My Torin by K. Webster
on January 9th 2018
Genres: Coming of Age, Contemporary, Contemporary Romance, Dating & Sex, Family, Family & Relationships, Love & Romance, Psychological, Romance, Social Themes, Standalone
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Also by this author: Whispers and the Roars

I’m a freak, a misfit, an odd end.Abandoned and unloved.But my happiness is so close I can taste it.
Until he shows up.
Gorgeous, expensive, and all man.Sad brown eyes and a brilliant smile.And he wants me to go with him.
His intentions are hidden.His motives are unclear.Yet, I leave with him because there’s no happiness here.
What he promises feels too good to be true…A castle. A fortune. And horses too.
It’s too easy.Nothing in my life has ever been easy.
What’s the catch?There’s always a catch.

K. Webster is fast becoming my absolute go-to author for stories that do not fit in a category or genre.  It started with The Whispers and Roars, then The Wild, now My Torin.   These can all be labeled psychological or romance but in reality they are so much more.    My only issue with reviewing a K. Webster book is that so much that makes the story so damn good are the things that you find out as you read.    I would love to tell you what exactly makes this story so different and special but in describing it, I would give away what grabs you as you turn the pages.

What I can say is that My Torin has amazingly well developed characters that will burrow into your heart and not let go.  That they are each, Torin, Tyler and Casey, complicated, loving, broken yet beautiful people doing the best they can to make their lives the most it can be.  The story is drenched with hope, heartbreak, joy, ugly cries and, ultimately, bone-deep love.

This is a MUST, RIGHT NOW read.

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Overall: five-stars


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