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SHALIA’S DIARY # 12 by Tracy St. John ~~ NEW REVIEW ~~

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Shalia's Diary Book 12 by Tracy St. John
on January 18th 2018
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Shalia’s happily-ever-after is in full swing, and life couldn’t be better. Fulfilled in career, success, and love, she imagines the dark days are behind her. Then a message arrives, a message that could have come from only one man. Despite the combined resources of Shalia’s protective clan and Kalquor’s best law enforcement, there is no guarantee she and her infant daughter Anrel will come out all right in the end.
Shalia has readied for this moment, but she’s still taken by surprise when her past nemesis shows up to steal her happy ending. Love and affection denied turns into violence and hatred…both for Shalia and the enemy who would destroy everything in his obsessive need to possess her.


Tracy St. John’s Sci-Fi series has been my over-the-top, guilty pleasure, one-click, happy place for a while.  And it started with Tracy’s bi-weekly release of Shalia’s Diary on her website/blog.  Every Monday and Thursday, readers are treated to a half chapter or chapter read about Shalia’s adventures from Earth to Kalquor.   (You can start from the beginning here:  Go to blog archive on the right hand side. )  With book #12, Shalia’s adventures have come to an end.   The one loose thread that had yet to be snipped and tied off, Dramok Nang comes to a head as Clan Seot fight to keep their Matara and child safe from a madman.

Shalia has always been fraught with danger and serious situations while packed full of sexy, erotic scenes and this book is no exception.   If you have been following Shalia, then this is a MUST HAVE, right now.    Tracy gave Shalia, Anrel and Clan Seot an explosive ending with a beautiful and touching epilogue letter that tells small stories about  all of the characters throughout the series.


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Rating Report
Overall: four-half-stars

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