Welcome to Words We Love By

Come and find your happy…one word at a time!Launched in 2015, Words We Love By is a Book Lover’s Paradise. Our first love are books that tell stories ABOUT love. However, we are readers first and foremost and so if you’ve got a good story to tell we want to read it. We have found that the men and women who read in our main genre of Romance, are empathetic, generous and passionate people. We seek to provide a space where you feed your inner Book Worm and also feed your soul.

In June we launched a Life Style Section called Real Life Ramblings with Ashleigh. The section is curated and managed by Ashleigh Wilson. Ashleigh is a writer and a mom of three from Kentucky whose passion for books is only rivaled by her love of music.

We have nearly 7500 followers on our Facebook page, are nearing 1000 twitter followers (since we launched those accounts in October of 2015). On June 15th, we launched a private discussion group and just one month have gained over 500 members.

Lucy Mends, the founder of Words We Love By, is also the Executive Director of a private foundation in Houston. She reviews books for major publishers and publications and for many New York Times Bestselling authors. Recently, Avon Publishing (an Imprint of HarperCollins Publishing) invited Lucy to join their exclusive 25 member Avon Addicts program. She will serve as an ambassador for their books and authors over the next 12 months.

We hope you love it here!